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I dette Letter to the Members fra EBA's bestyrelse kan du læse mere om tilmelding til udstillingen i Olomouc, i Tjekkiet i april.
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I dette Letter to the Members fra EBA’s bestyrelse kan du læse mere om tilmelding til udstillingen i Olomouc, i Tjekkiet i april.

Ønsker du at deltage med en opsætning skal du skrive til Emil Wolff

Dear EBA Delegates and EBA Members,

as in our “Letter to the Members” (emails dated 14.2.2023 and 20.2.2022) announced the EBA will hold its 2023 Convention from April 20th  to 23rd in Olomouc together with the Czech Bonsai Association (CBA).

Visitors and bonsai enthusiasts can expect not only a large number of excellent bonsai and suiseki, but also interesting side events and demos. The NTC (New Talent Contest) is integrated into the event, and it would be very gratifying if our members continued to register. There are currently candidates from Belgium, Germany, Netherlands, Monaco, Switzerland, Italy, UK, Spain, Denmark, Poland registered for the NTC.

The EBA Convention will be complemented with a large number of traders, although registrations from the member countries for sales stands are still possible.

Participation with bonsai from our members in the exhibition on the occasion of the EBA Convention 2023 is an important signal for the European bonsai idea. After two years without an EBA Convention, we now have the opportunity to present at least 5 exhibits per member country. Since not all EBA member countries will come to Olomouc, it would certainly be possible to expand this contingent. That now depends on quick feedback from EBA members.

For this reason we kindly ask you to announce  (detlef.mostler@aon.at) whether you will take part in the EBA Convention and how many exhibits you will bring and present. The registration deadline is March 31st, a registration form has been sent to all EBA members. Admission is free for exhibitors of exhibits.

Anyone who wants to take part in the evening event on Saturday (€40.00) must register with the organizers. All necessary data are in the appendix of the “Letter to the Members” dated 14.2. 2023 to find.

If you have any further questions, please write to detlef.mostler@aon.at .

Best regards

Marc Noelanders (EBA President)   Detlef Mostler (EBA Secretary)

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