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EBA - Letter to the Members 2022. Vi bringer her nyt fra European Bonsai Association, med nærmere, praktisk information om EBA Convention i Augsburg i juni i år
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Dear members,

With this “Letter to the Members”, the EBA Board accompanies the European Bonsai Year 2022 and hopes that the terrible war in the East will end during its course and that Ukraine will then be guaranteed a peaceful existence in a free Europe.

The pandemic, with its bad consequences for the European bonsai scene, has been pushed out of the headlines by the war, but still poses many problems for our activities. At the time the letter was written, the problems were still big, mainly due to the Omicron variant. With the relaxation of the precautionary measures, the possibility of being able to carry out a normal work program within the bonsai clubs seems real for the time being. Although there will be small differences in the precautionary measures within the European countries, they all now intend to allow more personal contacts and thus also enable larger bonsai exhibitions.

Although some major bonsai events have already been cancelled, many events are again being advertised on the Internet. The use of electronic media has increased enormously in the last year and attempts are also being made to intensify contact to and with the members through digital bonsai exhibitions and workshops, but this is not a substitute for personal meetings, exhibitions, workshops and consultations. The bonsai art lives from the personal work and the personal exchange of experiences and the joint viewing of our bonsai and art objects. Personal contact with experienced bonsai experts and masters is invaluable, especially for those who are new to bonsai art.

In this sense, the work of the organizers at the EBA Convention 2022 in Augsburg is of great importance for all bonsai enthusiasts and of course especially for the member countries to present their bonsai, suiseki and kusamono. All the more so as three EBA conventions have had to be cancelled so far, which means that the meetings with the delegates necessary for the management of the EBA have also been cancelled.

Due to Corona, the election of the EBA board was also postponed, provided that the term of office of the actual board is extended via a virtual vote. The election is now scheduled for June 2022 at the EBA Convention in Augsburg. Details on the holding of the AGM such as the submission of proposals for the agenda and for the election will be announced later.

The participation of as many EBA Member Countries as possible in this convention is very important for the presentation of European bonsai art to the public. It is now up to the member countries to participate in the success of the event with high quality exhibits. The EBA Convention is a social event as well – bonsai enthusiasts from all over Europe can communicate with each other and share their experience.

Visitors will enjoy a big area with exhibits. Traders from different European countries will offer bonsai products, tools, pots, wiring, plants, raw material and bonsai.

The organizers of the EBA Convention in Augsburg have already sent a lot of information to the EBA members about the venue, the hotel offers, the program and the registration of the exhibits as well as of the candidates for the NTC. A summary of this:


  • Kongress am Park, Gögginger Straße 10, 86159 Augsburg


  • Bonsai Club Germany, German Suiseki Society, European Bonsai Association,
  • European Suiseki Association, Kusamon exhibition – Pots exhibition, Forest exhibition – Bonsai auction


Information and tickets:  bonsaigarten@t-online.de

Harald Lehner                       



  •  One day sales area and exhibition 8.-€
  •  One day sales area, exhibition and demos 25.-€
  •  Two days sales area, exhibition and demos 40.-€
  •  All days sales area, exhibition and demos 50.-€
  •  Free for exhibitors

To register exhibition objects – see below!

Registration for the Gala-Dinner „Golden Amber Friedberg“ via email! The Gala-dinner is free of charge for participants in the New Talent Contest (NTC).

Gala Diner: 49.-€ incl. transfer from Convention Centre

To register for the Evening-Gala: Klaus Klemmer          klausklemmer@web.de

Bonsai Club Deutschland e.V.


                      Duisburger Straße 83b, 47166 Duisburg



Dorint Hotel (rooms booked up)

Tel.: +49 (0) 821 59 74 59 74    

Stadthotel Augsburg

Gögginger Straße 39

86159 Augsburg

Tel.: +49 (0) 821 57 80 77        E-Mail: info@stadthotelaugsburg.de

3 minutes walk to the “Kongress am Park”

IBIS Hotel Königsplatz

Hermanstraße 25

86150 Augsburg

Tel.: +49 (0) 821 5 03 10           E-Mail: H1092@accor.com

7 minutes walk to the “Kongress am Park”minutes walk

Hotel-Reservation for NTC Participants:  

Axel Paduch:  axel.paduch@t-online.de


Friday, 17th June, 2022

09.00 opening ceremony with guests of honor

09.30 opening of the exhibitions

10.00–17.30 workshop mit Yoshihiko Moriyama,

                      Hiroaki Suzuki,Daisuke Katagiri and Motomi Sato

10.00–13.00 demonstrations: Hartmut Münchenbach – Germany

                      Christian Przybylski Part I – Germany, Wolfgang Egbert – Germany

                      Jelle Ferwerda – Netherlands

11.00 guided tour through the exhibitions

14.00–17.00 demonstrations: Othmar Auer – Italy, Peter Warren – England

                      N.N. – Japan

18.00 end of the exhibitions

Saturday, 18th June, 2022

09.00 opening of the exhibitions

09.30–12.30 demonstrations: Hartmut Münchenbach – Germany

                      Werner Busch – Germany, Christian Przybylski Part II – Germany

10.00–14.00 EBA New Talent Contest (NTC) 2022

13.00 guided tours through the exhibitions

13.00–16.00 demonstrations: Yoshihiko Moriyama/Hiroaki Suzuki/

                      Daisuke Katagiri – Japan, Othmar Auer/Peter Warren/

                      Hartmut Münchenbach – Europe

16.30 Bonsai auction with Mr. Wolfgang Pauritsch

18.00 end of the exhibitions

19.30 Evening Gala „Golden Amber Friedberg“

Sunday, 19th June, 2022

09.00 opening of the exhibitions

09.30–12.30 demonstrations: N.N. – Japan, Yoshihiko Moriyama – Japan

                      Hiroaki Suzuki – Japan, Daisuke Katagiri – Japan

11.00 guided tours through the exhibitions

13.00–16.00 demonstrations: Werner Busch – Germany

                      Jelle Ferwerda – Netherlands, Wolfgang Egbert – Germany

17.00 end of the exhibitions

The Convention also has a rich accompanying program. A lot of very interesting demonstrations, shows, performances, ceremonies, presentations, lectures and workshops, carried out by famous artists, will be part of the excellent program.

The BCD Team and the working groups “Bonsai AK Grafrath – Harald Lehner, Bonsai AK Augsburg-Klaus Klemmer“ have come up with many new ideas to make the exhibitions attractive to a wider audience. For the bonsai enthusiasts, there are demonstrations by many prominent Japanese and European bonsai artists. The dealer offer is very extensive. One attraction is the auction of great bonsai, suiseki and rare bonsai books led by a well-known TV auctioneer. The objects are presented in an auction catalogue. More information about this is available on the Internet (BCD website, youtube).

The organizers also point out the possibility that the event may have to be cancelled due to severe limitations imposed by state or municipal authorities in connection with the corona pandemic.


The EBA Convention 2022 offers every EBA member country the opportunity to present exhibits (bonsai and kusamono). There are 80 places for displaying EBA exhibits, in minimum 4 for each Member Country.

Required data for registration:

  • botanical name of the bonsai in Latin respectively name of the kusamono composition 
  • Name of the owner,
  • Member Country
  • Size: height, depth and width  
  • Origin of pot, pottery
  • Photo of the exhibit (Bonsai/Kusamono)

The registration of the exhibits is to be sent to the EBA Secretary Detlef Mostler ( detlef.mostler@aon.at ) by the delegate of the Member Country. The Secretary forwards all registrations to the organizers.

1. The registration deadline for bonsai and all other exhibits is April 30, 2022

2. The attachment of scrolls is possible. The fixing of the pictures will be                 coordinated on site.

Currently we don’t know for sure how many member countries will take part in the EBA Convention in Augsburg and bring exhibits with them. There are 80 free places for the exhibits in the EBA part of the exhibition and we expect 12-15 countries for the exhibition from the experience of the last EBA Conventions. It is also expected that some will only bring two or three bonsai, which automatically increases the number of possible exhibits for the other exhibitors. We therefore ask the delegates of all member countries to inform the EBA Board (EBA Secretariat) as soon as possible about the planned participation in the exhibition and the number of exhibits (within 4 to 8) you are able to bring.

You are also asked to announce your non-participation!

As soon as all feedback on participation has been received, we will send you an email how many exhibits (more than 4) you are asked to bring with you. For this we suggest to prepare if possible a few more than 4 exhibits in advance.

Attention: The registration of exhibits from the EBA member countries for the time being is initially already possible up to a number of 4 pieces per country!

For the success of each EBA Convention it is very important to motivate as many of the national bonsai enthusiasts as possible to participate in the Convention by displaying exhibits or just to attend and enjoy the exhibition and the special performances. Please make sure you promote this event within the national membership so that the Convention in Augsburg (Germany) will be a great success.


The New Talent Contest (NTC) with participants from all attending countries is one of the highlights of the convention. At the moment 13 participants are officially registered by the member-countries.

The participants should be informed about the running of the contest by the delegate of the member-country. All participants and judges will receive information from the EBA Secretary about the room where the contest will take place and the organization of the contest in good time before the start of the EBA Convention.

Please don’t forget that, as always, each country participating in the NTC has to nominate a judge to take part in the contest, thus ensuring the most objective possible assessment of the bonsai created by the participants. The assessments are carried out on site via an app.

We truly hope that you will provide us with the information asked for. Thank you in advance for your answer by return mail. The next “Letter to the Members” containing more about the meetings and the election of the Board is announced for the end of May.

There is no official application for the EBA Convention 2024. At the EBA Convention 2019 in Albi, the Spanish delegation made a preliminary statement for an EBA Convention 2023 in Spain. The basis for the application is the EBA CONVENTION PACKAGE on the EBA website. The EBA Board appeals to the members to apply for the EBA Convention 2024.

Now we are looking forward to the EBA Convention 2022 in Augsburg (Germany)

Best regards

Marc Noelanders (EBA- President)   Detlef Mostler (EBA Secretary) 

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