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Nyt fra European Bonsai Associations bestyrelse om 2022 eventet i maj i Augsburg, vinderne af udstillingerne og om planerne for 2023
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Nyt fra European Bonsai Associations bestyrelse om 2022 eventet i maj i Augsburg, vinderne af udstillingerne og om planerne for 2023.

Dear All,

The EBA Convention 2022 in Augsburg, Germany ended very successfully. It was a wonderful bonsai-event with many attractive moments enjoyed by the visitors and participants and it was well received. The shown Bonsai, Suiseki and all the other exhibits had been excellently presented by the organizers. The demonstrations and the accompanying program met the high expectations.

Many traders offered their products, bonsai and plants. Visitors were able to fulfill their wishes from a wide range of goods.

On behalf of the EBA Board we would like to thank the team from BCD, the Bonsai AK Augsburg with Klaus Klemmer and the Bonsai AK Grafrath with Harald Lehner for their extensive work done. Many thanks from the EBA Board to the participants (exhibitors, delegates, judges) of the member countries and to all organizers for managing the exhibitions, the evening event and the programme.

The NTC was successfully held and there were well-deserved winners:

The winners were:

  • 1. Spain German Colmenares Arias       
  • 2. Italy   Luca Vanculli
  • 3. Slovakia   Lucas Jancina

The artwork of all finalists was also excellent.

EBA NTC Finalists: Jean- Pierre Van Damme, Nicolas Ubert, Jelle Ferwerda, Rodrigo Lima, Werner Marktl, Alain Brunel, Valdemar Cankov, Matthias Graf, Miroslav Kolar and Bartosz Warwas.

Unfortunately, Miroslav Kolar was unable to take part due to the cancellation of his booked flight announced at short notice.

EBA has also given awards to excellent exhibits:

  • Olea europaea subsp europaea var. sylvestris: Juan Gómez Herández
  • Pinus sylvestris var. scotica: Manfred Roth
  • Shohin composition: Ursula Funke 


  • House-shaped stone (“Edles Haus”): Holger Göbel


  • Arrangement Hemerocallis/Selaginella: Othmar Auer

BCD bonsai:

  • Taxus baccata: Christian Schulz
  • Forsythia europaea: Frank Jesse

EBA Convention

As part of the discussions on the individual items on the agendas of the meetings (EBA Board Meeting, RTM and AGM), the determination of the upcoming EBA Convention 2023 and 2024 was of particular importance. There was and is no official application for the EBA Convention 2023 next year.

Some suggestions concerning this matter could not be implemented during the meetings.

The EBA Board is therefore now appealing to the members to consider whether holding the EBA Convention 2023 as part of a national bonsai event could also be possible.

As option it would be perfectly conceivable to reduce the scope and extent of the EBA Convention so that the work for it can be organized in the remaining time. In any case, it would be necessary to hold the New Talent Competition 2023 (NTC) and if possible to host the EBA meetings (BM, RTM and AGM) within the event. Perhaps there is also the possibility of presenting a few selected exhibits from the EBA member countries.

Due to the unusual situation caused by the past pandemic restrictions, an informal email to the email address of the EBA Secretary would be sufficient for the time being to register for a reduced EBA Convention. This is necessary in order to obtain approval from the EBA members quickly. So that we can do this as soon as possible, we kindly ask you to reply by the end of September at the latest. If we receive multiple offers, the EBA members will decide on the venue.

It would be a pity if no EBA Convention could take place again in 2023.

There are ideas and registrations for the EBA Convention 2024, but no official application yet. The EBA Board asks those members who are thinking of applying for the EBA Convention 2024 to officially register as soon as possible. The basics for organizing an EBA Convention can be found on the EBA website, but can also be requested directly via email.

For the EBA Convention from 2025, considerations should be made in good time so that the continuity of the event is maintained.

Now we would very much welcome suggestions and applications for holding the EBA Convention 2023 in conjunction with a national exhibition.

We wish the organizers every success for the upcoming national and international bonsai events.

The minutes of the EBA meetings will follow soon.

Best regards

Marc Noelanders (EBA President)    Detlef Mostler (EBA Secretary) 

Klagenfurt 07 08 2020

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